I have many titles…mom, wife, teacher, professor, daughter, sister, cousin, etc…and now I can add published author to that list.
I wrote a children’s book and I’m really proud of it. I’m proud of who it’s for, I’m proud of how it can help families and honestly, I’m proud of myself for having an idea and seeing it through to the end.
3 years ago, I suffered a miscarriage. It was absolutely devastating. Journey was 4 at the time and she was so excited about becoming a big sister. It was beyond difficult to explain to her what happened.
I thought maybe there were some children’s books that might help. But there were very few that dealt with miscarriage in a way that applied to our situation. So, the idea came to me…I was going to write one for her.
Throughout my recovery after the miscarriage, I learned just how common miscarriages are. They can affect somewhere between 15% to 30% of all pregnancies. But it is not something that is often discussed. Many women including myself, feel alone, ashamed, sad and broken.
But I now feel that the more we talk about miscarriage and pregnancy loss, the more it will help connect women and families and make them realize that they are not alone.

The name of my book is Rainbow Sister. There is a term, “rainbow baby” that is referring to a baby born after a pregnancy loss. It is called a rainbow baby because it is like a rainbow after a storm: something beautiful after something scary and dark. So, I chose the title Rainbow Sister in that same idea…Journey becoming a big sister after the loss.

My friend Jeff Szymanski is the illustrator. I am so thankful to him for bringing my book to life! He is an amazingly talented artist here in Houston. He has painted murals for St.Arnolds Brewery, George Bush Sr. & Jr, Governor Rick Perry, Peter Frampton and more. His artwork has been displayed in many locations including Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts, Newark Airport and the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. Check him out at www.jeffsartstudio.com

Rainbow Sister is now live and available on Amazon. I would love your support! I am also donating a portion of the book proceeds to PALS (Pregnancy After Loss Support). PALS is an organization that is dedicated to ensuring that every mom and her partner who is experiencing pregnancy after loss is able to find support and connection among both peers and health care professionals who understand and validate the unique and complex experience of pregnancy after a previous perinatal or child death.